About Rue 14 Studios

Rue14 Studios is a company that offers children the ability to explore the arts using theatrical techniques. 

Our educational program is for young people between the ages of three and fourteen. 

Our school operates three days a week split into groups by age, students gain confidence, self-esteem and learn to express themselves creatively. 

These benefits, acquired while learning the skills of performance don't disappear when the children come off stage.

Why Should you Enroll Your Kid(S) at Rue 14 Studios.

1) Its Great Value for Money.
2) Any child can do it.
3) Students Use & Develop Their Imagination.
4) It will increase their self-esteem and confidence.
5) They will learn the skills of listening,negotiating and communicating.
6) Its Enjoyable for Everyone (Kids and Parents).
7) It is in a fun & safe environment.

Rue14 Studios is thrilled to introduce our theatre arts after school program for the next generation of performance artists.

Our fun and educational classes are designed for children between the ages of three and a half and seventeen explore the art using theatrical techniques. Designed and taught by an amazing team of theatre practitioners, this program uses Theatre arts training as a foundation to enhance children's ability to learn and to use their imagination. 

Our Program uses Theatre arts training as foundation to enhance children's ability to learn and master life skills. 

The Rue14 Studios after school program can be customised to cater the specific needs of our child. 

Our Program runs from 2pm- 6pm (weekdays) , 10am-2pm (saturdays) and consist of 60-minutes -180-minutes sessions separated by age - the Dramatots (3 1/2 -5),Dramartists (6-9), Dramazons (10-13) and Dramatics/Young Creatives (14-17).

In addition to learning the basics of theatre techniques such as character development, voice projection and stage movement, students will delve into the world of stage management and stage craft,learning aspects about behind the scenes theatre work such as directing,scriptwriting, construction, set and prop design and make-up for stage and television. 

Depending on your preferences, there is the option to end the term with a Showcase where students can display their talents for family friends and the public.

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